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About Ecoglo

Established in 1997, Ecoglo designs and manufactures photoluminescent exit signs and emergency lighting products to meet building codes worldwide, including NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Solutions and IFC Solutions.

By harvesting sunlight or recycling the existing light in a building, Ecoglo products provide sustainable and cost effective building solutions. The solutions are fail-safe, operate immediately and do not require ongoing maintenance.

Research and development has focused on refining Ecoglo’s patented manufacturing process to create products that have superior durability, rapid charging and predictable visibility.

There are many ways to become more environmentally friendly and one of these is to endeavour, wherever possible, to use new technology products that are more sustainable. As well as reducing electricity usage, Ecoglo products incorporate recycled aluminium, are non-toxic and non-radioactive. Being very durable they will last the life of the facility and can then be readily recycled.

Ecoglo products can be seen in many international facilities as building codes around the world recognise the contribution that such products make, not only to effective and economical emergency lighting systems, but also to the environment. Countries that have already adopted this technology into their respective building codes include the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.