Ecoglo has developed advanced technology for the production of high visibility photoluminescent emergency signs and escape route products.

Ecoglo products are designed with maximum brightness and durability so that performance solutions can be engineered to meet emergency visibility requirements in any performance based building code.

The proprietary manufacturing process produces products that are able to withstand continuous foot traffic and weathering to remain fail-safe, indoors or outdoors.

Product solutions are also provided for NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and IFC specifications for photoluminescent exit path markings.

This world leading technology has been used in facilities as varied as Dubai's 160 floor "Burj Khalifa", the "Melbourne Cricket Ground", New York’s "Time Warner Center" and London's "Bond Street Underground Station".

Code Compliant

Building Code Authorities all over the world have embraced the power of photoluminescence.

No Electricity

Ecoglo's photoluminescent products are fail safe and require no electricity or battery backups.